IoT Connectivity for Multi-Dwelling Properties

Connecting Smart Devices in Your Home or Apartment

The explosion of personal technology and smart devices now available to homeowners and apartment dwellers is growing bigger everyday.  Starting with locks, lights and thermostats property managers need to prepare as the growth of these smart home “IoT” devices takes off.    These IoT networks and related smart devices will help property managers significantly reduce operating cost, while at the same time keep tenants happy.  However property managers will  need strong technical skill sets to deploy and manage these new Smart home IoT networks on an ongoing basis.

Gigabit Internet Service

High Speed Internet Services for all the internet dependent devices in your home

 Control Your Devices From Anywhere

An app on your mobile devices let’s you control all your connected devices from anywhere at anytime.

 Wireless Hub to Connect All Your IoT Devices

A Gateway hub with built-in Amazon Alexa capability as well as support of such IoT-related protocols as Zigbee, ZWave, combo BlueTooth Low-Energy, and BlueTooth Classic.

 IoT and Smart Home Devices fall into 4 Categories

  • Safety: (all or some monitored to contact public safety) physical access control (smart locks); smoke & carbon monoxide detection; video access/surveillance; and others.
  • Energy Consumption: to control energy usage, there are many smart devices available or on the way including those for HVAC; flooding/water leaks; power outages; lighting; unit maintenance and supply monitoring/reordering (e.g., burned out light bulb, etc.).
  • Entertainment: gaming, music (e.g., Spotify, etc.) and video streaming (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and a host of others
  • Convenience: voice-activated assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, Apple Siri, etc.), washers, dryers, refrigerators, unit parking sensors, etc. all of which save time, energy, etc.

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