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Meet Alpha3 Cloud

A solution that fits your business model and cloud strategy. Our Alpha3 Cloud offerings give organizations the flexibility to choose the right path to best meet their objectives.

Alpha3 Cloud Offerings

Alpah3’s multi-tenant public cloud offering allows companies to take advantage of our lower cost virtualization platform to achieve increased agility and simplified operations. We design build and manage the infrastructure, so that you can use only what you need, when you need it.



Alpha3 Cloud Private

Alpha3’s Private Cloud Offering allows our customers to purchase a set amount of dedicated capacity to protect you from unpredictable cloud expenses as well as security and compliance issues. We work with each customer to design build and operate their dedicated private cloud to optimize their performance and cost savings requirements.


Licensing - Build Your Own Cloud

With our lower cost virtualization licensing, you can use your existing infrastructure to build out your own public or private cloud using our data center or your own server room. Our software license packages allow you to increase margin as you scale so that you can continue to gain margin for the services you offer.



Alpha3 Cloud - Hybrid

Let our infrastructure design engineers help you create the ideal hybrid cloud environment for your business. Whether you need cloud on-ramp, multi-site connectivity or disaster recovery and backup solutions, Prov.net can help design build and operate the perfect environment to help your business compete.


Bare Metal Servers


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