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Hosted Systems with Dedicated Servers & Private Cloud Infrastructure

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Are you looking to build and deploy private or hybrid cloud infrastructure? Do you have unique data center architecture needs? provides hosted systems with dedicated servers and private cloud infrastructure that can be customized to meet your unique business needs and SLA requirements. Learn more about what exactly a bare metal cloud is and the advantages of custom dedicated server hosting and private cloud platforms.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare metal cloud is a single-tenant, non-virtualized environment that can complement or substitute virtualized cloud services. It eliminates the overhead of virtualization while providing the versatility, scalability, and efficiency of virtualized cloud services. It’s able to deliver a maximum performance without the virtualization overhead by using physical machines. Its single tenant environment means that businesses do not have to share resources with multiple users, which helps eliminate performance, security, and “noisy neighbor” issues.

The best part is that a bare metal server can be delivered in the format of a cloud-like service model despite the fact that it does not run on top of a hypervisor. Moreover, since businesses enjoy unrestricted access to the machine’s physical components they can optimize and tailor the CPU, RAM, and other storage resources to their unique requirements.

Another crucial advantage of the bare-metal cloud is that it allows users to opt for automation-driven IT hosting infrastructure so they can configure and manage their infrastructure as per their business needs.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers and Private Cloud Platforms:

  • Cost Effective – Starting at $45 per Month
  • Highly Flexible Hosted Systems – We build just what you need, when you need it.
  • Fast and Accurate Builds with In Stock Inventory
  • Strong Security – We value your privacy
  • Regulatory Compliance – HIPPA, PCI, SOC2
  • High Quality Servers, Firewalls, 1Gb and 10Gb Switches
  • Hybrid Hosted Solutions- Bring Your Existing Hardware
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This flexibility and improved resource utilization can not only help organizations ensure application performance, but also reduce costs by getting the most out of their servers. A private cloud environment will save money over a traditional on-premise environment and for some organizations it costs lesser than a public cloud environment.

Cost Effective

A private cloud hosted system is actually less expensive for many businesses than public cloud. Many studies have shown that due to a dizzying number of hidden and unexpected charges, including network bandwidth, businesses are often overwhelmed by the actual total cost of ownership (TCO) of a public cloud once they receive the bill.

Who Should Use Dedicated Hosted Servers and Private Cloud

  • IT Departments looking to host new applications.
  • Development and test environments.
  • Any company looking to refresh aging hardware and software.
  • Automation and Bot use cases

With over 75 years of collective experience in designing, implementing, and managing cutting-edge technologies, – one of the leading providers of infrastructure as a service – has the expertise in catering to the unique requirements of both enterprise customers and service providers.

We’re committed to working closely with you to understand your specific requirements based on which we design, build, and deploy personalized hosted systems complete with a comprehensive private cloud, connectivity, and data center facility solution.

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