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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure’s Virtual Desktop Solution,, is a highly reliable, cost-effective VDI platform that allows company employees to securely connect into their workplace environment from any device. With a focus of risk mitigation,, allows companies to protect their proprietary data from data theft and cyber threats while still providing the flexibility of remote access to their employees who may be working through unsecured home networks. Our VDI infrastructure is simple to deploy and manage. Whether your organization has 10 employees or 1000, our highly technical VDI solutions team is here to develop the perfect solution for you and your company.

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Secured Environment

The possibility of data breach and related cybersecurity threats has dramatically increased due to the shift from traditional workplace environments to work from home settings. Millions of workers at home are creating corporate vulnerabilities with unsecured networks and computers, risking corporate confidentialities, and proprietary information. eliminates these vulnerabilities by centralizing your corporate network into a centrally managed environment. With desktop virtualization on, all data is managed and protected in one central location/center/server. This secures and controls the flow of data, reducing the risk of spyware and preventing unwanted software or viruses from being installed.

Ease of Use’s VDI platform allows IT managers to maintain devices in a network from one central server (data center). This means that software upgrades, application deployments, virus control, and data protection can be centrally managed, rather than being handled at the individual level. With, businesses can deploy, manage, and maintain a wide range of endpoint devices, including laptops, thin (or zero) clients, tablets, or mobile devices. Also, supports remote work environments by providing augmented flexibility of endpoint maintenance. IT administrators can provide routine upgrades and installations without user intervention or disturbing end users’ productivity. Desktops can also be swiftly created by copying images and files, and then deployed to users remotely.

Why Use's VDI Solution? offers superior price performance and is available for companies large and small. Whether you need a small node or a larger customized IAAS – Private VDI Cloud solution for your company,’s team of VDI solution architects are here to help. We are known for our high touch design and support and commitment to operational excellence. Our mission is to make sure your team is always able to connect into all of the systems and databases in your VDI environment all the time.

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