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Data Recovery Services

Disaster can strike anytime, anywhere.

And given the unknown and uncontrollable nature of disaster you need to ensure your organization’s most valuable asset is protected.

We don’t mean your brick and mortar building–we mean your data.

Data backup and recovery services are a vital feature of your foundation of security at your organization.

Regardless of the type of disaster – mother nature , man made, or cyber-attack – Provdotnet ensures your alternate site and “DR” infrastructure are available 24/7.

Given our years of experience, we know that your data center operations are mission critical, which is why our team of experts is committed to helping you determine the right solution to ensure your data centers are available when you need them.

As the frequency of cyber attacks grows, you can rest assured that your data is secure when you employ our data and recovery services.

Read on to learn how we protect your most valuable asset.

Why Choose

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Security

Our facilities are heavily secured with dual authentication biometric access scanners, 24/7 video surveillance, full alarm systems, and complete environmental monitoring, ensuring that no external physical forces can gain access to your data.

Support Available 24/7

Our facilities are engineered to achieve greater than the Tier 3 standard for availability with 750-1000kW of critical power, 2N+1 redundancy, and 24/7 available support teams to ensure your infrastructure is up and running.

Fortified Locations

Our facilities are located 75-300 miles apart on different power infrastructures and grids, outside of floodplains, flight paths of airports, and other sources of disasters. We have weathered the toughest storms without incident.

Benefits Of Private Cloud Hosting’s facilities are all SSAE 16 SOC 2 audited and covered by 2N+1 redundancy to ensure maximum uptime.

When you opt to host with a private cloud provider like, you not only gain certainty that your data is secure. You also can anticipate:

Lower costs over time

Guaranteed compliance

Customization options to meet your organization needs

If you’re serious about the security of your data, it’s time to set up a time to chat with a private cloud provider like

Disaster can strike at any time. It’s time to take a stand against lapses in data security.

Learn more about our individual locations to keep your data close but out of reach from natural disasters and our data and recovery services.

Secure Disaster Recovery Data Center Entrance |
Employee Monitoring Disaster Recovery Data Center |

Disaster Recovery Features

  • Multi-site 2N+1 redundancy
  • SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant facilities
  • Protected by backup battery UPS system
  • On-site diesel generators
  • 24/7 escorted/non-escorted access

Looking for a customized solution for your infrastructure?

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