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What is Colocation?’s colocation services benefit organizations by providing low cost, secure data center facilities with 99.99998% availability to run their systems and related workloads. Our colocation solutions enable organizations to deploy IT infrastructure uniquely developed for their application environment assuring performance, resource availability, security, regulatory compliance, efficient use of financial capital and in all cases control over strategic IT resources like data.

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Controlled Environment

Control along with custom engineered infrastructure and operations can help organizations ensure application and workload performance, while also ensuring strategic assets remain under the ownership and control of the organization. A colocation solution will provide the organization the best of two worlds; 1) retention and control of strategic assets including data, coupled with 2) reducing capital and operating expenses related to capital intensive data center systems like redundant HVACs, Generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Distribution Systems, Data Center Information Management Systems and Security Systems all associated with creating and maintaining data center facilities.

Cost Effective

As a quasi-shared utility a Colocation facility is actually less expensive for many businesses than private data centers and public cloud, many studies have shown that many organizations underestimate the capital cost to build a data center and the ongoing cost of maintenance, as well as the cost of connectivity. Organizations quickly become overwhelmed by the actual total cost of ownership (TCO) of their own data center and or public cloud.

Who Should Use Data Center Colocation Services?

To determine if your company will benefit from utilizing a colocation facility, you should determine your workload and application performance, availability security, regulatory compliance, and cost requirements. Close attention should be paid to workloads and related applications. Is the environment is suitable for them, and its own capacities. colocation solutions engineers can help with these evaluations, and make recommendations specific to your organization.

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