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The Hub For Multi-site Applications – Using 2 Data Centers As 1

By taking advantage of low latency connectivity across two sites, you can achieve even greater levels of redundancy, availability, and disaster recovery efficiency while significantly lowering your total cost of ownership.

More Locations, More Redundancy recognizes the need for your business to have uninterrupted access to its infrastructure and data, no matter the time or conditions. With 2N+1 redundancy and stretch clustering between each of our four facilities—whether there is a natural or industrial disaster, we guarantee that your infrastructure remains available at all times, with 99.99% uptime.

Increase Performance & Reduce Cost: 2-As-1

Thanks to emerging technologies like stretch clustering between facilities and our partnership with MassIX, we are able to provide our clients unmatched connectivity to multiple locations, not just ours.

At speeds of <2ms between each of our facilities and others, we are able to connect our clients to the internet and regional eco-system with unmatched internet speeds and ultra-low latency. This technology allows us to engineering two data centers to perform as one to increase performance and reduce costs.

“The team is always transparent and accessible. There has never been a question they couldn’t help find a creative solution to. I challenge you to find a more professional support team.”

Lead Engineer
National Telecommunications Services Company

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