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Serving Your Content To The Edge

With the proliferation of streaming content, short-term nearby data storage, low latency round-trips and the Internet of Things quickly outpacing traditional service delivery methods, both Content Delivery Networks and Content Producers need the bandwidth and low latency performance architected into their service delivery platform at the edge of the network to provide the optimal user experience.

Serving your Content To The Center

Less than 2ms latency

With the help of our partner MassIX, we are able to deliver content with superior performance and lower latency.

Access to New England’s Network Ecosystem

Our interconnected network of carriers, data centers, and peering partners provides a multitude of interconnect options.

Ultimate Connectivity

Our unique locations on “Fiber Alley” in Providence, RI and at 1 Summer in Boston allowsus to provide our clients with the highest performance data solutions at the lowest latency.

massachusetts data center and computing

What is the Edge?

A local data center where data is in motion, not at rest. At, we believe in providing you and your customers access to data wherever and whenever it is needed, because when your business is operating at high-volume, you cannot afford to sacrifice performance—and slow speeds means poor service quality and lost revenue. Whether content caching, fog computing, or supporting the Internet of Things— is focused on providing the most forward-thinking and hospitable ecosystem available to future-proof your edge requirements.

“The team is always transparent and accessible. There has never been a question they couldn’t help find a creative solution to. I challenge you to find a more professional support team.”

Lead Engineer
National Telecommunications Services Company

Access to New England's Network Ecosystem

  • Amazon Web Service Direct Connect
  • Access to Azure Express Route
  • MassIX Network
  • DE-CIX New York Peering Exchange
  • Private Interconnection Services
  • All New England Carriers
  • Low Latency Caching for Tier 2 and 3 Markets from Boston to Providence, and Everywhere in Between

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