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With all types of devices and applications, IoT providers need a facility that can handle the capacity of data being generated and processed. We understand the need for increased security, capacity, and delivery for your applications.

Increased Delivery and Reliability

Our increasingly hyper-connected world is predicated on our facilities’ ability to move higher volumes of data at a lower latency on a localized level.

Less than 2ms latency

With the help of our partner MassIX, we are able to deliver data with superior performance and lower latency across New England.


Machine to Machine (M2M), Machine to Person (M2P), or any other configuration, we have the capabilities to keep your data local and in motion.

Process Larger Quantities of Data in Real Time

At Provdotnet, we have the capabilities to help service providers with the “3Vs” of data:

  • Volume (Billions of transmitting and receiving devices)
  • Velocity (Data in Motion requiring very low latency)
  • Viscosity (Content-rich data like Virtual Reality)

No matter what device your data is moving to or from, we have the capabilities to serve your end users whenever and wherever they need it.

What Our Customers Think

“We needed a data center that would enable us to access to a wide variety of carriers without sacrificing performance or security. Provdotnet provided us with the perfect mix to fit our needs.”

Chief Technology Officer
Regional IAAS Provider

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