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Anetics selects prov.net as data center – colocation services provider

SSAE16 SOC II and Flexibility Were Key Factors

Providence, R.I., February 22, 2012 – Provdotnet, LLC. A leading provider of data center solutions, today announced that it has begun providing colocation services to Anetics, LLC.

Anetics is an application service provider based in Western Massachusetts, supporting financial services customers world-wide. “We selected prov.net because their proposal demonstrated that they were both flexible and capable of providing all of the services to support the design and operating requirements needed by Anetics,” said Rob Sammons, Partner at Anetics.

Ron Sacks, Provdotnet’s Managing Partner, noted that Anetics required a “SAS70” provider to host their platform and also said, “that prov.net had completed the SSAE16 SOC2 which replaced the SAS70 Type II AICPA standards”.

About Anetics.net

Anetics develops and hosts a suite of tools that streamline workflow, provide in-depth reporting, and allow for easy information exchange within the global Securities Finance industry. Tasked to do more with less, with headcount at a premium, Anetics tools make it easy to discover supply and demand. To open, maintain, then return, new borrows and loans- hundreds, if not thousands, at a time. Anetics has tools to automate the Short Sale Locate process (Affirmative Determination). With robust exception reporting, and a rebate/ fee allocation engine that allows you to recover, share and profit from the distribution of borrow costs and rewards.

Anetics clients include:

  • Broker/ dealers acting as principal intermediary, borrowing and lending, customer facilitation, financing, in support of proprietary trading.
  • Custodial bank and trust companies, agents, and others representing beneficial owners with securities lending services.
  • Hedge funds, funds and investors as they locate and arrange to borrow securities, or seek to finance positions and portfolios.

About Provdotnet LLC

Provdotnet, LLC is a colocation, cloud services and managed data center services provider located in Providence, RI. Provdotnet opened its initial 2000 square foot facility at 1155 Westminster Street in July 2009 for customers requiring disaster recovery, cloud services, managed services and colocation facilities. Currently, Provdotnet has over 6000 square feet and can house up to 200 full data cabinets and associated computing equipment. Provdotnet also has the ability to expand the existing facility up to 10,000 square feet, significantly expanding overall capacity if and when needed.

More information is available at https://provdotnet.wpengine.com

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