Connected wires demonstrating robust network infrastructure

Core Components of a Data Center

If your organization is desperately in need of outside help in hosting your data, finding the right technology partner can be challenging.  With complex intricacies and varied offerings, navigating the world of data centers should come with its own map.  What’s more, data breaches are

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Benefits of Colocation Hosting

Risk management is one of the important processes any organization should put on their priority list. For companies with significant IT functions and workloads, knowing the benefits of colocation hosting is a must when doing risk assessment. Business colocation provides reliable services for mission-critical applications.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Bare Metal Servers

For those that need more than what a basic shared server provides, bare metal servers can represent a powerful, secure and stable way to manage a website, application or any kind of workload — and it also means that without random neighbors on your server,

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