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What are Colocation Services?

What are colocation services exactly? Simply put, colocation enables businesses to rent space to house their technological equipment such as server, storage, and networking machinery in third-party locations. It’s similar to the services provided by a rental storage company. The only difference is that instead

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Is your I&O team ready for Containers?

Introduction: The world is awash with software with more coming every day.  From mobile apps to enterprise systems, software is changing people’s lives in significant ways while being deployed at an accelerating pace. More software is now being developed in so-called containers.  Containers package up

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private vs public cloud

Planning for the IoT onslaught in Multi-Dwelling Units

Introduction: Multi-dwelling units (MDU) are on pace to see 400,000 new buildings constructed in 2019, with the average building size of 30 units.  For a variety of reasons, these are an attractive housing choice for many. MDU’s come in a variety of forms including: Student

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Pricing Stability in the Cloud Era

Pricing Stability in the Cloud Era Written By: John Chenard – Chief Technical Officer at Provdotnet, LLC ______________________________________ Public Cloud services are indeed a tool that every organization in need of on-demand compute, storage and connectivity should be using. The user controls and flexibility are

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