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Panther Properties Management selects prov.net for data center & colocation services provider

Providence, RI Location, SSAE SOC2 and Overall Value Were Key Factors

Providence, R.I., April 24, 2015 Provdotnet, LLC a leading provider of data-center solutions, today announced that The Panther Properties Management of Woburn, MA has selected prov.net to provide data center co-location services.

Gregory St. Pierre of Panther Properties Management said, “we selected prov.net as a Tier 3 data center co-location service provider because of their outstanding reputation and their ability to provide the most cost effective but comprehensive solution to meet our requirements. He also added, “prov.net has a remarkably high resiliency of power and internet related to their access to durable infrastructure; and yes we like the convenient location too”. ” Ron Sacks, Provdotnet’s Managing Partner & CEO, said, “it was clear Panther, like so many businesses, is working hard to control their technology related costs so we were very pleased to provide them with the highest value solution in the New England market”.

For additional information on Prov.net, please visit https://provdotnet.wpengine.com.

About Provdotnet LLC
Provdotnet, LLC is a co-location, and managed data center services provider located in Providence, RI. Provdotnet opened its initial 2000 square foot facility at 1155 Westminster Street in July 2009 for customers requiring disaster recovery,managed services and co-location facilities. Currently, Provdotnet now has over 15000 square feet, 1.25 megawatts of critical power and can house up to 200 full data cabinets and associated computing equipment, visit https://provdotnet.wpengine.com

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