Risk management is one of the important processes any organization should put on their priority list. For companies with significant IT functions and workloads, knowing the benefits of colocation hosting is a must when doing risk assessment.

Business colocation provides reliable services for mission-critical applications. Essentially, colocation hosting means housing a company’s IT infrastructure in a secure data center that never goes down and has all the expected redundancies.

Businesses can trust that there’s continuity of network traffic in their locations despite power or bandwidth interruptions. Renting storage space for servers is also more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house data center. The following are other benefits of colocation services.

Power Redundancy

Small and medium businesses that depend highly on connectivity need to invest in generators to avoid prolonged downtime in case of power outages. Downtime may cost them a lot of money, thus they have to ensure they can rely on their power supply.

On the other hand, they can choose to migrate their servers to a colocation facility that has multiple generators and backups. They’ll be able to save on overheads as they can share the cost of power with other renters and more importantly, they’ll have maximum uptime.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Colocation benefits include a high-level of data availability and improved connectivity speed. Business colocation facilities have multiple internet service providers and they’re usually located in areas with larger circuits.

Low-speed internet isn’t acceptable when a business thrives on daily IT functions. With their bandwidth redundancy, colocation centers provide their clients with multiple network carrier options and lower latency.

<h3Multi-Layer Security

Clients have complete control over their hardware and data. They can connect into the colocation facility remotely, but if they need to use their servers physically, only their representatives with the right credentials can access their hardware.

Lessees are only allowed access to their own racks or suites. Colocation facilities don’t only provide monitored access but also offer an extra level of 24/7 physical and network security. In addition, they’re situated in areas that are far from the usual sources of disasters.

Reliable Cooling Systems

Servers generate a lot of heat as they consume a large amount of electricity. They have to be stored in a place that has temperature sensors and environmental controls to ensure excellent hardware performance.

Colocation facilities have efficient air conditioning with backup units that make them a reliable and ideal environment for servers. They’re well-maintained as well, so servers will be dust-free. That’s another savings on office cleaning and maintenance.


Businesses that need to scale up or down will find colocation advantageous. For instance, when they need to transfer to a bigger or smaller office, they won’t need to carry all of their IT equipment with them. It’s a great option too when their own data center’s space runs out.

Furthermore, they can customize their space, bandwidth, and power requirements. One example is they can increase or decrease their bandwidth quickly and easily depending on their needs and times when they require more or less traffic.

Why Use the Colocation Services of Prov.net

Whether you’re a startup or an established business that has already invested significantly in your IT infrastructure, consider the benefits of colocation hosting. You can partner with us. Here are some of the things Prov.net can assure you.

First, we have a multi-year track record providing 99.99998% availability as our facilities are engineered with 2.25 megawatts of critical power, redundant Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and N+1 design on all critical systems.

Second, our physical networks, fiber routes, and carriers are diverse. We’re located on Fiber Alley in Rhode Island and at 1 Summer Street in Boston, which gives us an edge in terms of offering our clients high-performing data solutions with low latency.

Third, we provide 24/7 entrance security as well as facility and network monitoring. Our facilities are secured with 24/7 video surveillance, full alarm systems, and biometric access scanners with dual authentication.

Fourth, we run a highly efficient data center with high-density adaptive cooling that consists of a primary computer room air conditioning, an alternate CRAC, and backups. We also have complete environmental monitoring.

Lastly, our colocation services are customizable. We offer different sizes of space from one rack unit to multi-cabinet suites as well as customized private cages and suites. You can also customize your power and bandwidth requirements.

Our facilities are secure, well-maintained, cost-effective, and provide continuous services to make sure your operations are up and running smoothly anytime. Contact us for a customized technical solution. Our expert team will help you evaluate your needs.

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