AboveNet Connects to Prov.net Data Centers in Rhode Island

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AboveNet will provide Prov.net’s data center with high bandwidth, low latency connections to key business hubs in US and International metro markets


Providence, R.I., June 30, 2011 – Provdotnet, LLC. a leading provider of data center solutions, today announced that AboveNet has connected  to their  Prov.net’ data centers  located in Providence, RI.  Abovenet completed the installation of a diverse 432 strand fiber connection, adding to Prov.net’s already existing fiber connections.   As a result, Prov.net now has over 500 individual strands of fiber coming into their data center facilities.  Customers who  either cross-connect and/ or co-locate in the Prov.net facilities will have access to AboveNet’s private, optical network and extensive fiber footprint for connectivity in and between top metro markets in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as throughout the world.


AboveNet will provide Prov.net customers with diverse, low-latency routes to other top business centers. For example, a company operating in the Prov.net data center in Providence could establish high-capacity connections to office locations, remote data centers and to business partners located on or near the Abovenet Network worldwide.


“Prov.net is extremely pleased to have AboveNet and their high performance telecommunications network,” said Ron Sacks, Managing Partner of Prov.net. “Having Abovnet’s network connected to Prov.net is part of our continuing effort to provide additional network capabilities to our customers,” added Sacks.

Prov.net customers also can benefit from AboveNet’s world-class fiber optic network in both the U.S and Europe, with connections to buildings containing more than 400 data centers. Its infrastructure includes more than 2.3 million fiber miles, an intercity network spanning approximately 12,000 route miles and a global Tier 1 IP backbone.


About Prov.net
Prov.net is a colocation, cloud services and managed data center services facility located in Providence, RI. Prov.net opened its initial 2000 square foot facility at 1155 Westminster Street in July 2009 for customers requiring disaster recovery, cloud services, managed services and colocation facilities. Currently, prov.net has over 6000 square feet and can house up to 200 full data cabinets and associated computing equipment. Prov.net also has the ability to expand the existing facility up to 10,000 square feet, significantly expanding overall capacity if and when needed. More information is available at https://provdotnet.wpengine.com/

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