What Are the Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting?

Are your company’s information technology (IT) needs growing?

If you answered, congratulations are in order–typically growing IT needs are synonymous with a booming business. 

And while this is all very exciting, without an IT background, deciding the most appropriate, cost-effective approach for storing your valuable data can feel, at times, overwhelming. 

To help you find a hosting solution that meets your unique needs, we break down private versus public hosting, the benefits of private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting, and determine which platform is right for your business needs. 

Keep reading to learn which hosting solution is right for you. 

Different Types of Clouds 

While there are a number of different types of clouds, there are three you are most likely to encounter when searching for a hosting partner: public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds. 

Below, we break down what these different types of clouds entail. 

Hybrid Cloud 

This solution is a combination of a private cloud with one or more public clouds. Software enables communication among the different entities

Public Cloud

These clouds are typically a pay-per-use model and have multiple tenants using the cloud. In short, this is a shared cloud where your data is housed among many other sets. 

Private Cloud 

Generally offered on a monthly lease basis, private clouds are isolated and secure and consist of resources pooled from a number of servers. 

And while all three of these cloud hosting solutions are common for technology vendors to offer, when you opt to store your invaluable data on a hybrid or public cloud hosting platform, you run the risk of a data breach. 

Public clouds also put limitations on your control–given that multiple parties are hosted, decisions aren’t just yours to make. 

The same risks apply to hybrid clouds–with a public component at work, your security can be at risk. 

What Are the Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting?

Now that you have a better understanding of why private cloud hosting is the best choice for keeping your organization’s data secure, we’ll explore the benefits of private cloud hosting.

Adjustable Resource Allocation 

Many of the benefits of private cloud hosting comee from the associated technology. Given that most servers are underused, private cloud users gain improved resource utilization, resulting in the ability for workload to be transferred to a different physical server as needs evolve. 

Increased Security

While there are numerous benefits of private cloud hosting, security is invariably the number one reason organizations opt to host privately. 

In addition to antivirus and firewall, private clouds operate on physical machines, making physical security much easier than that of its counterparts. In addition, given that private cloud are accessed through equally private network links rather than the public internet, security is even more robust. 

Reduced Costs 

With the aforementioned improved resource allocation can not only lead to improved performance, but can also reduce costs by getting the proverbial bang-for-your-buck from servers. Additionally, although private cloud environments may boast lower costs, they come with higher security risks, as well as hidden fees.

Regulatory Compliance 

If your industry is riddled with compliance, then a private cloud is definitely the right choice for you. Whether you’re beholden to HIPAA or PCI, you need to be guaranteed that your cloud solution is in compliance with the ever-evolving mandates. When you opt for a private cloud, your partner will work to guarantee compliance even beyond what the secure platform offers. 

Which Private Cloud Hosting Solution Is Right for Me?

Given that your cloud needs are as unique as you are, you need to find a technology partner who is capable of customization.

The right partner should be able to understand not only your current cloud needs, but foresee where they may grow in the future. 

At Prov.net, we know there’s no one-size fits all cloud solution for every business. That’s why we build custom cloud solutions that meet your needs today, and tomorrow. 

We’re committed to building a private cloud solution that can scale with you, guaranteeing security and compliance every step of the way. 

To learn more about the benefits of private cloud hosting with Prov.net, click here.

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